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Posted by admin on January 27, 2012


How would you feel if everyone you trusted betrayed you? Let’s say you were a spy and thought the bad guys were always in front, never behind. Mallory Kane is such a spy that needs to answer these questions.

After scaring most of the world in last years high budget, ensemble movie Contagion, Steven Soderbergh has decided to calm down by doing a less expensive, less known casted spy thriller. This is Haywire. Mallory Kane is played surprisingly well by Gina Carano. After much research, she has mostly been a fighter girl. If she can keep this up, she has an ass-kicking career ahead of her.

After a successful mission in Barcelona, she is asked to go out to Dublin for another assignment. Being told this would be easy, she agrees. At first, things seem simple, as she has to play the wife of a British secret agent (played by recently golden globe nominated Michael Fassbender). But when she is attacked by him, she realizes that this was a set up. Now she’s on the run from the very people she helped.

Some of you might think that this might be a woman’s version of Minority Report, but this is actually different. This does not feel like a blockbuster. This feels much more like a cross between an experimental film and a 1960’s spy thriller. The result is interesting. This is a very hard movie to talk about as the movie is spoiler free for about 20 minutes.

The movie requires much focus. Most of the audience I was worth seemed to have a hard time understanding what was happening. This is more of a spy study then a spy thriller. Not to say there are no thrilling moments, just be prepared.

If I have to say any thing else, it would have to be that Gina Carano is the perfect choice to play Wonder Woman. She really is a great action actress. 


Let's give this 4 ass kicking boots out of 5. Decent spy thriller if your looking for one.


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