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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence

Posted by admin on February 20, 2012


 The first Ghost Rider movie may have been a mess, but at least it was an enjoyable mess. The idea is so cool. Ghost Rider is an anti-hero who becomes this demonic creature that is a flaming skeleton who rides a motorcycle. Rather then using his powers for evil as the devil had intended him, he uses them for good. The Marvel comic has been running for year, riding with a big fan base. A film adaptation seems right up the ally for this guy. A chance to make a more darker hero. Here’s where this sequel steps in.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is the next movie for this motorcycle-riding monster. I like parts of the original 2007 film. Ghost Rider had a fair back-story, some interesting special effects, and a good ensemble cast to fill it with. The first Ghost Rider may have not been perfect, but it’s a masterpiece compared to…whatever I’m looking at.

There is an obvious change of direction for the series. The first film was shot to be a blockbuster style picture. I think what this one was trying to go for was a grindhouse style movie. Does it work? The short story, no.

Nicolas Cage is the only actor that returned. Eva Mendes said no to this twice and I can see why. This movie is so annoying. This is one of those movies that’s not even so bad it’s funny. Surprisingly, it’s very boring. The story involves the rider trying to save this thirteen-year-old boy from becoming the anti-Christ. That’s fine, but the way this movie was made, I would rather see the apocalypse.

This movie is very inconsistent. The story is inconsistent, the acting is inconsistent, the super powers of the rider are inconsistent, and even the special effects are inconsistent. Rarely does anything make sense.

I understand that this film was trying to be darker then the last, but again, Ghost Rider does not know what it wants.  


I'll give this piece of burnt rubber 1 destroyed motorcycle out of 5. It's time for this skeleton to ride off into the sunset.


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