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Get Hard

Posted by admin on April 23, 2015



Nothing frightens me more then the thought of wasting my years in jail. The last criminal thing I ever pulled off was shoplifting a candy bar when I was ten and I still feel guilty of it. This is why whenever I see a cop coming into a restaurant I’m eating in, the bottoms of my feet will sweat, thinking he’s coming after me for that offence. Or worse, the sudden thought that I might have murdered someone in my sleep and I don’t remember. But as I am, the cop always passes me and either sits down to enjoy dinner or actually confront someone that’s really under arrest (though I’ve never seen this happen).

I’ve heard of people talk about how they might be man enough to face prison, but many of the documentaries about people that have gone to prison truly mean it when they say that it’s no picnic. I’ll take their word for it and forever feel bad for those that have to sleep on the floor due to overcrowding, being beaten up on a daily manner from a gang or worst of all, the possibility of rape. Get Hard is all about one guy who thinks he can be man enough to face prison.

James king (played by Will Ferrell) is a wealthy hedge fund manager who is sophisticated, but is awkward and naïve. Besides his money and power, he also has his trusting boss, Martin (played by Craig T. Nelson) who brought him up to where James is today. Not to mention that James is also about to marry Martin’s daughter, Alissa (played by Alison Brie). Mean while, car washer Darnell Lewis (played by Kevin Hart), who washes James’ cars each day, is looking to put his daughter into a better school along with the hopes that he can expand his business.

The paths cross once James is arrested for some complicated money laundering issues. He’s tried and sentenced to ten years in a maximum-security prison. Assuming that Darnell went to prison because he is black, James asks to help him prepare for the worst. Darnell is as harmless as a baby lamb, yet agrees once he’s told that he’ll be paid $30,000 for his services. Darnell makes up a story about his days in prison (it’s the story of Boyz in the Hood) and fixes up James’ house to be ready for forced gay sex, better fighting skills and possible riots.

By most definitions, I should be insulted by this movie, as many of the jokes are going for more of a shock value then anything. They hit the audience with most racist and homophobic jokes that most will see as distasteful then funny. Though I’ll be honest; I laughed a lot while watching this. I laughed when Will Ferrell went into Compton while wearing stupid looking hip-hop clothing. I laughed when Kevin Hart saved Will Ferrell with a flame thrower from a bunch of racist bikers. I even laughed when Will Ferrell was trying smuggle things through his fake cell (which I won’t go into detail here).

If you’ve seen most of Will Ferrell’s other work, then you should know by now what to expect. It’s Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell and I’m okay with that as he is a naturally funny guy. The only difference here is that he’s receiving assistance from another comedian, Kevin Hart who also get’s in some pretty good material. The story itself is the weakest point as most of Get Hard focuses on the training and little on the mystery of Will Ferrell’s possible innocence (something that really should have worked on).


I’ll give this three and a half car wash signs out of five. It’s no where near close to being the funniest Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart property, but I had enough fun to say that I would recommend it. It’s stupid, but Get Hard already knows this, so there’s no need to criticize the humor for that. 


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