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Frozen II review

Posted by admin on November 22, 2019

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The cold never bothered me anyway. Most people are likely to know that line came from the mega hit song "Let it Go" from the mega hit movie Frozen. In fact, I would think you'd have to know at that point as Frozen has become one of the movies that defied the 2010's with it's cultural significance, large amounts of awards won, large billion dollar box office grossing, and the countless parents that were forced to listen to the soundtrack over and over. Disney has made it their current go-to fairytale and seems to continue marketing it with whatever it can; dresses, toys, shorts, a Broadway musical, and inevitably, a sequel. 

I personally found the movie very good but not one of the greatest from Disney. I've seen the movie a couple of more times to say my opinion hasn't changed. I don't even know if I would put it in my top ten (Fantasia is still my favorite), but I give it a lot of respect. The movie managed to tell a Disney-like story while trying to show off more character development then before. I'm certainly open to a sequel if it can match the original. Let's see if Frozen IIcan capture that lightning in a bottle. 

Queen Elsa (played by Idina Menzel) seems to have found her footing as the ruler of Arendelle, occasionally using her ice powers when needed…usually for entertaining. She has also mended her relationship with her sister Anna (played by Kristen Bell), always grateful that she was saved from her before. Anna continues to be upbeat and his happy with her boyfriend Kristoff (played by Jonathan Groff), reindeer Sven, and talking snowman Olaf (played by Josh Gad). All is well until a mysterious voice starts to call out to Elsa. When she tries to follow it, Arendelle faces a force in nature to cause the people to evacuate. 

Elsa is advised that the answer to voice will be found in the mysterious forest to the north where the previous king had visited before. Anna, Kristoff and Olaf insist on coming too, so they venture to the north why they find an unbreakable fog blocking their entrance. They do make it in, discovering a magical forest where a tribe of people that connect with nature live, along with an Arendelle army led by Destin (played by Sterling K. Brown) have been trapped. Elsa and Anna find a bigger history to their kingdom that might change the sisters forever. 

Frozen II attempts to tell a much bigger story then before and I have to give it respect for that. It's fine if you want to tell a more complex story, but the problem is that it needs complex characters to go with it. Elsa and Anna are still likable and seem to go through each of their journeys fine, but it also hit me that their personalities seems to be back at square one from the first movie. Elsa is still a loner and Anna is still too open with her emotions. Wouldn't they have grown a little since the first movie?

My other problem happens to be a large one and that’s the location. I'm all up for a change in scenery, but Frozen knew how to balance out the darker moments with the light. Frozen II seems to be more about the dark, which means were in the enchanted forest most of the time, and it's a very dreary and depressing place to be. You can shoot out as many magic ice beams as you want, but with it's more purple and grey setting, this is a rare scenario where I think more upbeat moments were needed.

It's not an all bad movie as there are some good things about it. All the voice acting is still great. The animation is better then the first. Some of the visuals like the water horses, various ice sculptures and more mythic settings are pretty to look at. Many of the songs are good, though not as iconic as "Let it Go". I'd say that both songs by Idina Menzel like "Into the Unknown" and "Show Yourself" are great. The others are fine, but Kristoff's song "Lost in the Woods" has an odd 80's power ballad feel which is not only out of place, but adds nothing to the story. It'll probably get a lot of feedback on the car radio, but parents can rest assured that none of them are going to be repeated for the next six years.

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I'll give this three ice horses out of five. Will Frozen II be a hit? Probably. Is it as good as the first? Definitely not. I don't think I'd watch this again on my own, but if I had kids, I wouldn't see a problem. What Disney needs to remember that perhaps asking what happens after "happily ever after" is not the best thing. I've never seen Frozenas a long series, so let's see if people think they should let it go.