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Fast & Furious 6

Posted by admin on June 4, 2013


I can definitely say that our society has an obsession with cars. Just take a look at all the cars in your neighborhood. Each little minivan or corvette seems to define the person behind the wheel. Big or small, all of these vehicles will try to tell who this person is. Is he the guy on the block to have the coolest and swift or is it the family man that has the bright red truck that could hold for five children? We take pride in looking at our cars and asking ourselves, “is this the best way to present myself to the rest of the world?

For the youths of the world, under the tyranny of peer pressure, most of them really want something that not only looks awesome, but moves awesome as well. I remember those high school days when richer kids that had just received their licenses would go out for flashiest thing around. Did it look nice? I think so, but I kept thinking that this guy didn’t really care about his car. He wasn’t going to put in the work to keep it running and giving it another five years; he’ll simply trade it in for the next flashy car. He didn’t have the passion for cars. In fact, Fast & Furious 6 continues the franchises obsession with vehicles much more then this guy did.

The story continues from where Fast 5 left off. Dominic Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Conner (played by Paul Walker) had successfully escaped Rio with $100 million dollars in tow. They have used this chance to split their group and retire from the world. The Canary Islands have been their new home for a few years but both Dominic and Brian agree that this was not the same as Los Angeles. One day, Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs (played by Dwayne Johnson) call upon them to get the group back to take down another car team that’s pulling off their own heist. Upon seeing his supposed dead girlfriend Letty (played by Michelle Rodriguez), Dominic agrees.

Everybody meets in London. Dominic and Brian manages to convince fast talker Roman (played by Tyrese Gibson), tech guy Tej (played by Ludacris), drifting guy Han (played by Sung Kang), and girlfriend Gisele to all return. They agree to stop this other car team for full pardons of their crimes. The rest of the movie is about two hours of car driving and special effects. Honestly, I think that’s what the audience only cares about.

I wouldn’t doubt that story is definitely not the focus, because a lot of the emotional sides are briefly glanced over. Thiers a scene in which Dominic’s other girlfriend discovers that he still loves Letty. None of her side is explored; she simply leaves and whishes good luck. And that everybody else comes back even though none of them really need to come back; they can still be rich and happy without America. And the acting? Nothing special. Everyone does fine in their part. It’s nothing Oscar worthy but they seem to have fun. So why am I recommending Fast and Furious 6? Because the car stunts are the main attraction.

I can’t say that I’m as obsessed with cars as some people are, but the movie really takes advantage of what they can do with what can be done with cars. There’s plenty of racing for fans of the first three movies, but a lot of it involves some great chase scenes such as one moment where one of the villains has a tricked out Formula one vehicle and seems to flip over every car it runs into. How do you beat a car like that? See the movie. Though I will admit that by really pushing the boundaries, their starting to hit that point that may become over the top. A spectacular tank scene that ends with an almost impossible suicide jump with no scratches is a little hard to buy. Even the final showdown I kept asking, “just how long is this runway?”. Just as long things don’t go a little crazy, I’m interested in what is likely a Fast & Furious 7.


I’ll give this movie four tricked out formula one cars out of five. The movie really got a lot of cheers out of the audience, and I was clapping along side them. Fast & Furious 6 was fun. But it’s not as clever or fresh as the fifth movie. 


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