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Fantastic Four review

Posted by admin on August 7, 2015


Boy, has Marvel come a long way in terms of movies! The Marvel Avengers are probably the biggest blockbuster stars at the moment, with Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and so forth have won the hearts of children and adults for being funny, action packed, and seems like a genuine group of friends. If you were to go back ten years before, I don’t think anyone would have anticipated a cinematic universe the way Marvel is becoming. Back when the comic company was starting to lend out their characters, many of their creations went to different people.  Spider-Man went to Sony while the X-Men went to Fox and many going to Universal and Paramount. Now figuring that out can lead to a headache.

Among these heroes are the Fantastic Four, which was one of the original team heroes that got recognition for having chemistry like a real family. I’ve never read those comics but the imagery seems well enough that cinema could work well in their favor. After all, if the Avengers can get great dialogue out of an Iron clad human and a radioactive monster, it should work fine for friends that all got their powers at the same time. Family is NOT a word to describe the Fantastic Four.

Young Richard Reeds (played by Miles Teller) is a prodigy whose had dreams of inventing teleportation ever since he was a boy. Together with his best friend Ben Grimm (played by Jamie Bell), they toy for years until they are found by Professor Franklin Storm who runs a government sponsored institute where young minds can develop their aspiring technologies. Richard is hired to bring his project along with Storm’s children, adopted daughter Susan (played by Kate Mara) and biological son Johnny (played by Michael B. Jordan). They also bring along a troubled but brilliant genus Victor Von Doom (played by Toby Kebbell) to build a gate to another dimension.

After months of work, the machine is finished and even runs a successful animal test. But the Institutes supervisor Dr. Allen (played by Tim Blake Nelson) wants to give the technology to NASA or the military for further examination and testing. Deciding they want to stake their claim, Richard, Ben, Johnny, and Victor all use the machine and are transported to another world. While there, they are exposed to a new kind of energy that comes home with them. Victor is left behind who plans on using the new world energy to destroy the Earth.

I’m cool with Fantastic Four taking a darker direction, as the previous adaptations have been too cheesy and silly for their own good. But I have to say that I prefer the older versions because of one thing; they are superheroes first and foremost. Fantastic Four may be one of the only superhero movies around that has no crime fighting. In fact, they don’t get their powers until an hour into the story and don’t even talk about using their new powers till the last fifteen minutes.

Aside from…that stupid move, Fantastic Four is just dull and boring. There’s hints of a smart story with the idea of wanted to show our tortured souls, but never does anything with them. It all feels like chess piece story telling. Give your hero’s their powers, sent them to training, go after the villain, and that’s pretty much it. There’s very little action, very little magic and wonder, and there little to no chemistry between Marvel’s first family. I don’t even recall Susan and Ben sharing any dialogue. It’s clear that Fox and the movie’s director had problems behind the scenes and it’s unfortunate that the audience has to be the one to suffer the consequences.


I’ll give this half a burnt comic book out of five. Fantastic Four is seriously one of the worst comic book movies of all time. I never felt so much fatigue watching something that could have been awesome. I think it’s time that the Fantastic Four go back to Disney and Marvel for the proper treatment. 


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