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Evil Dead

Posted by admin on April 7, 2013


Even in the greenest of woods, I had the uncertain feeling that something sinister was out there, as I would ride into the campsites with my scout troop and I. Campouts were something that were a part of my childhood which I had fun with, but haven’t attempted again in some time. Most of these trips were for the weekend and I found myself carrying less water and clothes as I found my self more efficient with my new skills as a woodsmen. Part of our classic moments was the campfire stories. On those logs I sat on, I felt myself digging deeper as the tales would frighten me, yet I had to hide it from the fellow scouts.

Once we had to retreat for the night, I felt very uneasy about walking two steps let alone back to my tent. Maybe the rustling wind from the trees was the breathing of the creature I was just told about. What if I had to go to the bathroom? I might run into a psychotic killer. Though I knew I wasn’t the only boy who felt fear, being scared can make you feel more vulnerable then usual. Fear becomes an enemy as the characters wait for the next moment in the latest horror movie, Evil Dead.

Like the original 1981 movie it’s based off of, it opens with a group of young adults arriving at a cabin for a weekend trip. Mia (played by Jane Levy) is trying to kick her cocaine habit with the support of her friends, Eric and Olivia. She receives further support from the arrival of her brother David and his girlfriend, Natalie. The relationship of this brother and sister has been strained due to the fact that he never visited his mom in the hospital before her recent death. With a ceremony of dropping her last stash of drugs, she’s about to experience the hardest weekend of her life.

During their stay, the group discovers an underground basement where some sick ritual have taken place as the rooms reeks of dead cats and dried up blood. Another discovery is a book that is covered in a garbage bag and wrapped in razor-sharp wire. Eric ends up opening the book to find mostly satanic rituals in an old language and scribbled-in warnings to leave it alone. As most morons do in horror movies, he utters a chant that unleashes a demonic creature that wants to kill and enjoy the hell out of it.

I don’t think there is a point of making a comparison to the original since it’s been a while I’ve seen it. The biggest difference is that while the old Evil Dead was shot on a budget of a ham sandwich, millions of dollars have been thrown into this retelling. From what I remember, the original movie had plenty of scares. I kid you not when I claim that this movie throws great scares every chance it gets. We have an unpleasant looking forest, blood, creepy demons, blood, body limbs being cut off, and did I mention blood.

Evil Dead is certainly one of the goriest of movies I’ve seen since Hobo with a Shotgun. The movies entertainment relies on every blood drip and rusty chainsaw that you see. Nothing is missing as a horror movie. What is missing is a good chance for comedy. I expected to become frightened, but I was waiting for some great physical jokes, but it never really emerges. A factor a part of it is the casting of a female lead. I have no problem with Jane Levy as the lead, as she does a great job, but by having a person going through withdraw as their body is being taken over by a demon would have at least had some room for some comedy.


I’ll give this three and a half demonic woods out of five. If the film would have had more of a self obvious comedic tone, then I would have found a scary, but fun movie. But at least Evil Dead has plenty of scary moments. 


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