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This Is The End

Posted by admin on June 18, 2013


Actors are certainly a funny bunch. They can either be the nicest or the most difficult people to work with. As an actor myself, I can say that I consider myself a nice guy. There’s no point in having a big ego when you need to work the craft. You would not believe how many college actors I’ve run into that have claimed their going to be the next Daniel Day Lewis, even though they have yet to land a principal role (which means a big part in the production). I‘ve done plenty of work to find out that actors act because they don’t want to do.

Its part of that fear that we’re currently failing at the acting game, so we try to build that were at least trying our best. It’s not a bad way of motivating yourself, yet many actors take this too literally. These results come later if they actually find success. They may have finally found fame and fortune, but they loose some of their humanity. What replaces their kindness is an invisible crown that declares them a king. They now have the world eating out of their palm and they think they’ve earned the freedom to do whatever they want. The ego of six actors is punished in the biblical comedy, This Is The End.

It opens in the land of broken dreams (Hollywood) where Seth Rogan (played by himself) is meeting his friend Jay Baruchel (played by himself) at the airport. The two have grown up together in Toronto, and have made it big as actors at the same time, but the two have grown apart in recent years. Jay wants a chill weekend of playing video games and smoking weed, but Seth decides to take him to a housewarming party. It turns out to be James Franco’s (played by himself) party as the place is caulked full of celebrities.

Jay tries stirring up conversations with some former costars, but can’t shake the feeling of being unwanted. Jay and Seth head to a local convenience store where an earthquake happens and beams of light send some people into the sky. When both guys head back to Franco’s place to warn them, everyone seems oblivious to what had just happened. It’s only a few seconds later when they feel another earthquake and see many cracks open in the ground where many celebrities fall to their deaths. Whosever left makes a dash back to the house to hold their ground. Celebrities Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogan, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and James Franco are the only ones left as they figure out that this is the biblical apocalypse and they may still have a chance at being saved.

I’ll admit that This Is The End made me laugh until I cry several times. Yes, this movie is one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while. The movie was written and codirected by funnyman Seth Rogan who I think has gotten better with time. He really understands that what audiences wants are a good laugh at what they don’t know.

This movie takes every shot at an actors bad habit, or worse, bad movie. They take each of these fictional versions of celebrities and turn them in to the most needy and pathetic people in the world. What I keep thinking about it how this movie may not be too far from what a lot of Hollywood celebrities are really like. And this movie really understands that. This Is The End is a nice return to satire comedy that I haven’t seen since the days of Spaceballs and The Naked Gun trilogy.


I’ll give this five Milky Way bars out of five. This Is The End is a good alternative to those that are not interested in seeing Superman. I will say though that this kind of comedy may be a little too racy and crass for some. But as a Christian, I actually found this movie very funny. This is the end. 


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