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The Emoji Movie review

Posted by admin on August 2, 2017


Ever since The Lego Movie was made, I’ve taken it upon myself to be open to more ideas that sound like cash grabs, but could also be more. The Lego Movie sounded like a giant commercial for the toy company. Instead, it was smart tribute to the creativity it inspires and was very funny. That has made me realize that out of everything, storytelling can allow anything to be engaging if people can emotionally connect with it enough. If people could find that connection with a bunch of toys and bricks, whose to say that the same thing could be found with emojis?

 Most people with smartphones have used an emoji at some point. I myself like the ones that either engage laughter or show off that I’m trying to convey something smooth. While I have no problem using it every once and a while, I dislike it when it becomes the prominent way of communication. I haven’t asked any teenagers about that, but I’m sure that most of them still need text to order specific food or to tell their parents that their out until midnight. I like the think that all teens are smart, but The Emoji Movie makes them an unsalable group.

In the smartphone of high schooler Alex (played by Jake T. Austin), is where all the emojis live where they live and work a part of the texting app. Meh emojis Mel (played by Steven Wright) and Mary (played by Jennifer Coolidge) are about their see their son Gene (played by T.J. Miller) go off to be used in his first text. Gene seems to have the ability to show other expressions and that happens when his text goes wrong. The leader of the emojis Smiler (played by Maya Rudolph) talks with other emojis like the Devil Emoji (played by Sean Hayes), dancer emoji (played by Sofia Vergara) and Poop emoji (played by Patrick Stewart) about what to do.

When Gene gets word that he is likely to be deleted, he escapes with the hand emoji, HI-5 (played by James Cordon). Upon leaving the texting app, he finds a jailbreak emoji (played by Anna Faris) who tells him that if they can get to the Icloud, then his source code can be fixed. From there, they go through several apps including Candy Crush, Instagram, Just Dance, and more while everybody learns about being themselves...or something like that.

Sony pictures should be ashamed. The Emoji Movie has to be one of the most obvious product plug movies ever made. I thought The Internship (the movie about Google) was bad, but this sets a new record. Not only do the story rip off Wreck it Ralph, Inside Out and The Lego Movie, but several times, the plot just stops to make another advertisement. If anything, I felt like I just sat through an introduction for a cult; a cult that clearly does not understand how teenagers, computers, programs, apps, games, and emotional storytelling work.

Even for it’s obnoxious tie ins, how are the characters? As hard as the majority of these actors try, this script does everything to suck out anything funny or interesting. This is more then a bad movie; this is a black mark on a resume that is likely to hurt every single person involved. I cannot remember anytime that I laughed, nor even heard a chuckle from the kids in my theater. I can only imagine that the parents that took their kids to this were punishing them. I wouldn’t have been that cruel to my own. This is a movie that simply appeals to no one (it’s too adult for kids and too stupid for the teenage audience they would have been the better targeted crowd).

Is the animation even worth noting? Even that suffers from the story. Because the majority of the emojis are necessarily bright for their use, this doesn’t allow them to pop out. It’s just a mess of pixilation and phone advertisements.

This kind of movie makes me mad that millions of dollars are spent making this garbage over original stories that aspiring artists are trying to pitch.

I’ll give this zero poop emojis out of five. This movie doesn’t even deserve a formal ending, so I’ll end it on this:

Shame on you Sony

Shame on you Sony

Shame on you Sony

Shame on you Sony


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