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Don Jon

Posted by admin on September 29, 2013


Life as a young adult feels like you’ve suddenly become a king in a democratic land. With no restriction on age or rejection from parents, the world suddenly feels like that it’s your hands. But few new adults are aware of this. A lot of young people are quick to only find themselves content with just living; getting a job, paying bills, and maybe another hobby. There’s nothing wrong with living, but you would think that they would always want a little more. The first cookie will always taste great, but don’t you always want a second one. The more we have something to live for, the more we’ll be eating something better then we could taste.

I think that is this day and age, most of us young adults have grown to find how we want to live on our computers. Millennials have grown up during an age of Internet booms, and we almost can’t live without it. Some of us might act out a fantasy life on a computer game like World of Warcraft and some might spill a hundred tweets on how they hate their job at Jo Ann Fabrics and want to marry their girlfriends. For Jon Martello in Don Jon, his way of living online has become an addiction.

This movie marks the directorial and writing debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is also the lead as Jon "Don Jon" Martello Jr. This young man has created a routine for his life that involves cleaning, going to the gym, hanging with his family, contributing to his church, sometimes finds a good one night stand, but most important to him, his porn. He enjoys sex with woman as much as his boys, but he finds that porn allows him the witness the real sex that he finds beautiful and highly erotic. While sex for him is a quick romp on his bed, his laptop computer leads him to a world of erotic possibilities.

One night at a club, he comes across “a dime of a girl” named Barbara Sugarman (played by Scarlett Johansson). They meet up for lunch and even the movies. He even brings her to meet his family, including his father Jon Martello, Sr. (played by Tony Danza). Unlike most of the girls he’s been with, Don thinks he may have a reason to give up his porn. But like the sweet sugar of a candy bar, he finds that nothing matches his porn. He’s also taking some night classes where he runs into another woman named Ester (played by Julianne Moore) who may have an idea on how he can finally find the right control for his Internet addiction.

What surprised me about this movie is how much it really isn’t about porn. It does shows some graphic imagery, but lays off it a lot more then I expected. Don Jon let’s itself stay grounded as it really reveals itself to be a social story on how one guy’s romance for another may be blocking him from something he loves. If he loves his porn more then Barbara, then is he really in love with her? Does he wanna depart from his daily program? If he’s only stuck to having sex in real life in one position, how can he express opinions if he’s not that experienced? I had plenty to think about this movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a challenge writing, directing, and playing this tough Jersey Shore-like guy. I think he immersed himself enough to play this guy off like a young Al Pacino. The real show stealer of this movie was actually Scarlett Johansson, playing off another Italian, Jersey girl that I honestly though she was not capable of. This is what I want more out of very distinguishable celebrities. It’s that moment where you forget your watching someone famous and see rather that they are a character. That does not happen much.

The story runs fine, but it does drag a bit, even at the hour and a half running time. It may be because that some of the editing can shift from slow to fast without a good transition. The story still changes, but the editing doesn’t match it. Probably first time jitters.


I’ll give this four censored pornographic images out of five. Don Jon isn’t so much about porn as it is about a guy’s hobby that’s conflicted with love. It’s a lot more interesting then I thought. I just wish that it had a way of finishing a little quicker. An almost perfect guy rom. 


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