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Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away

Posted by admin on December 30, 2012


Nothing has crossed the human form like acrobats have. They have amazed me with how they can defy the heights of a big top and bend themselves into a puzzle. Whenever I go to a circus, the acrobats are my favorite part. They don’t just flip from one bar to another; they have the ability to float like a leaf in the wind. The timing and flexibility gives such grace to these gifted folk. Clowns have made me laugh, but the acrobats have left me in awe. The acrobats have always seemed the most gifted and elegant of all the circus acts.

No other act has topped acrobats then Cirque Du Soleil. They understand that acrobats are sophisticated and work tirelessly to bring each performance to a greater level. I’ve had the chance of seeing four different shows and I’ve seen first class entertainment from every one of them. Most of them are in Las Vegas; the perfect home for such talented folk. The only downside is that their shows are very expensive. Since I believe that everyone should see these guys in action, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about a 3D movie called Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away.

To bring these performers to the big screen could have not been an easy task. The movie starts in a small mid-western town where a young woman named Mia is visiting a small circus. On her way in, she encounters a man who turns out to be The Aerialist, the show’s star attraction. The three-ring display opens with a small group of good, but simple acts that everyone has seen before. Things really get started when the man of her heart starts to fly. While his act goes well, she accidently causes him to fall to the ground and sink through the sand. When she investigates, she too falls through the sand hole to another world.

Upon waking up, she discovers a bigger set of circus tents with some noise coming from the distance. Throughout the story, she goes through each tent to discover a new world full of performers in each of them. They are actually pieces and bits from their shows in Vegas. Whether she’s looking through a pirate battle in Ka or river of marmalade in The Beatles Love, she searches for her lost man whos also looking for her.

Lets get the straight, there really isn’t much of a true story; it is actually a showcase of their best and brightest acts from their Las Vegas shows. A lot of people may see this more as a commercial for Cirque Du Soleil and I wouldn’t be lying if I thought so myself. However, I’d also wouldn’t lie if I thought it was entertaining, and I liked it. The movie is like That’s Entertainment! where you’re here to simply enjoy the display.  I’ll admit that I would have rather not had the boy meets girl romance, but it does allow for plenty of good special effects outside the tents.

It’s the inside that counts. Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away is a must see in 3D. The acrobats jump off the screen and you feel like your standing next to the stage. The visual treats are the sets and costumes that leap away in beautiful colors. It was clear that film would be used to the performance’s advantage. The slow motion and close ups allow for perfect views everywhere and nothing is ever missed. I’m glad I saw it, though I’m not sure I would sit through it again. It may make a good example for home theater stores to sell 3D television sets.


I’ll give this four Cirque Du Soleil masks out of five. What doesn’t show in story makes up with spectacular performances.