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Posted by admin on February 4, 2012


Spider-man, Iron man, Captain America, Batman. These are only a few of the super hero films that I’ve seen that have had the origin story tied into it. I’m getting sick of it. When I heard about Chronicle, I was not excited. I thought I was going to get the same old origin story of someone discovering their power. I was really wrong about this.

Chronicle is another found footage movie that literally chronicles 3 teenagers in their self-discovery once they are given new abilities. These abilities include resistance to pain, telekinesis, and even flying. Now I know what you’re thinking; haven’t I’ve seen this story before?

Well yes, but not like how this story is told. Chronicle follows Andrew, a teenager who has started to video tape everything around him. He’s bullied by bigger kids and his alcoholic father. His only source of comfort is his cousin Matt, who even doesn’t talk to him too much. What makes this Andrew work is that the world treats him so badly, that you feel sorry for him immediately.

Once Andrew, Matt, and fellow popular student Casey retrieve their power from a mysterious rock underground (It sounds much cooler then how this is written), they waste no time in demonstrating what they can do. They scare little girls, confuse shoppers, and fly into the clouds. It’s all fun, because the main characters are having fun with you. But not all is good.

What I mean by this is that one of the characters takes a dark turn. I won’t give it away, but this movie turns into a great tragedy. Much of Chronicle tells the story of a rising villain. In a way, this film works better as a dark high school drama then a blockbuster super hero story.

Chronicle takes some dark turns and may turn off regular teenagers due to the sad nature of the story, but give this a chance.


I'll give this a perfect 5 bent forks out of 5. This movie may show were off to a great start in super hero films this year



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