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Casa De Mi Padre

Posted by admin on March 22, 2012


Welcome to Mexico. A land of timeless culture. A land of a beautiful language. A land where…Will Ferrell is from. Wait, What? Yeah, Will Ferrell in not in an American satire on Mexico, he is in a Mexican film that satires itself.

Casa Di Mi Padre is a Spanish language film, where our main star, maintains the native tongue. The idea seems to be that he is so immersed with the language and people that we are suppose to suspend our disbelief that he’s an actor. I will admit, Ferrell is very talented in the Spanish language. He carries the native tongue well for the other actors and himself. If this is all that you care about, stop here.

Ferrell is giving his ability for an authentic story. The plot consists of Ferrell playing the dim witted, but hard working son of a rancher, named Armando Alvarez. His brother has returned home and reveals he’s getting married. Alvarez’s world is turned upside down when he finds out his brother in a part of a drug group and Mexico’s biggest drug lord, the Onza.

What this film was trying to be, I’m not sure. Much of it wants to be a satire. But much of it would rather be a serious action movie. But even those ideas take different directions. When it wants to be a satire, it’s hilarious. The lake scene is obviously a set. The driving scenes are obviously phony. And the romance is obviously phoned in to the max. My biggest guess for the direction they took was that they wanted to crossover with the Mexican film crowd and do a cross parody of a Mexican soap opera and a gritty grindhouse flick. The ideas are given to us, but I feel like that they didn’t construct it correctly.

As I said, the comedy works well, but when it changes gears, it feels like a Saturday Night Live sketch that has gone too long, and that’s something that’s only and hour and twenty minutes. Casa De Mi Padre might be hilarious Spanish lesson, but I don’t think it had enough of what it wanted to make me watch it a second time.


I'll give the crazy experiment 3 out of 5 white lions. You may have fun, but I would rather take a shot of tequila and watch a Mexican soap opera.


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