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Cabin in the Woods

Posted by admin on April 20, 2012


In the tradition of genre hybrids, there has been very few that created something original. Usually, when a film try’s to combine two or more genre in order to make a new kind of story. This backfires because a film either stays on one side of the genre or they don’t have a sense of direction for both fields. My favorite example of a film getting this right is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This movie did the impossible of taking a noir style mystery and combining it with a golden age cartoon. Those that know me well are aware that this is one of my favorite movies. So what else can we combine? How do we get a film like Cabin in the Woods?

In this very bizarre movie, it takes the horror idea of being trapped in the woods, and combines it with an office from the future. I would have like to been in the room when this movie was pitched. There’s no way any sane investor would have agreed to this kind of story. I’m guessing that if the concept didn’t sell, then the screenplay had to be the meal ticket. I really believe that this script took a while to produce.

Long story short, the filmmaker decided to approach this as a comedy. I don’t see this being done in a serious way. Overall, the comedy concept worked. This may be one of the funniest horror stories I’ve seen since Drag Me to Hell.

Cabin in the Woods starts off in the office that I mentioned. The two technicians in the sophisticated industrial facility, Richard (Richard Jenkins) and Steve (Bradley Whitford), immediately say their going to get ready on their next project. We then cut to our other main characters, these five college students who are going up to the mountains for the weekend. They’re your stereotypes that you’ve seen from every other movie like this, including a jock played by Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, and a very funny stoner played by a very funny Fran Kranz. Once these five people end up at the cabin, the facility begins their trial of horror cliques. Without giving them away, this movie makes several references to other horror stories including aliens, demons, werewolves, clowns (yes, I just said that), and of course, zombies. So in a story that would normally be about survival, it instead becomes a mystery to see how this sci-fi office is connected to this cabin in the middle of nowhere.

This is a hard movie to even talk about, because you should be going in without any knowledge. My only recommendation is to simply go and see this with your friends without doing any research. Don’t even watch the trailers if possible. The movie’s gonna be better that way. Cabin in the Woods is bizarre, but it’s a great bizarre. It actually takes a tired stereotype and breaths fresh, terrifying life. I promise that your going to both jump and laugh. 


I'll give this five zombie thumbs up out of five. This is definetly not gonna win the oscar, but it's great with what its doing to the horror genre. This movie is a celebration of the cliques we love. This is only for horror and comedy fans, but there going to love it. If your not a fan of either, then you're the true psycho. 


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