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Beasts of the Southern Wild

Posted by admin on September 14, 2012


It’s amazing to think how much we really are a part of this world. Think about it. Lets say you were never born. How different would your family and friends be if they never knew you? Would your parents be able to give the same love to something else rather then you? Would your best friend even have the same favorite shows you both watched? With those elements (and a lot more), the world is in balance. If everything was perfect, things would run like a straight line. But life is full of curves. Something’s going to happen that will always change them. Then that’s when you need to ask your self whether you should try to continue with the same method or try something new.

I haven’t given much thought of how everyone makes the universe until I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild. What we get here is a great symphony of community spirit and how the power of one persons will can wield them through the worst of times. Life is scary. There are monstrous things out there that think they can destroy anything. In this case, it’s the rest of the word that strikes fear into Hushpuppy; the six-year-old spirit who takes a journey that tests everything she thinks.

In the most southern of swamps, lies a junkyard of a town called “The Bathtub”. This island is separated from the rest of the word through a levee. The people here are poor and dirty, but this is one of the most fantasy like of American communities I’ve ever seen. Looking almost apocalyptic, “The Bathtub” is full of people that are happy where they are, and even celebrate their outside status. I can understand that they don’t want modern luxuries. Their little town is probably as close to nature as the Shire is in Lord of The Rings. But all things have their downpours.

A storm blows in one night, and causes the floods to deluge The Bathtub underwater. Within her imagination, Hushpuppy believes that the rising waters mean that the universe is broken and needs to be fixed.  The monsters have arrived and have ruined her perfect life. With her father and the rest of the town, she learns how to eat what she catches and to always stay strong. Things become more broken when a search and rescue squad finds them. Hushpuppy believes that things will return to normal if she can find her long lost mother.

Hushpuppy is the strongest little girl I’ve seen in a movie. Newcomer Quvenzhane Wallis plays her with such virtuosity, always having sprit, finding magic in her home. The Beasts of the Southern Wild is a hauntingly beautiful fantasy about our place in the universe and how the imagination of one can inspire a village. This movie is proof to why we live as people; to buffer the fears of everyone else and turn them into a challenge. There are many problems that could be solved if we took more time, joy, and even a sense of humor into it.


I’ll give this five aurochs out of five. The Beasts of the Southern Wild is a tearjerker, but it is a movie that tells us that everything is all right. Though the universe may always have curves, if we keep our spirits up, then there’s nothing to fear. 


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