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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice review

Posted by admin on March 30, 2016


Superheroes are bigger now then ever. Today’s niche happens to be anything geek related and comic books have positioned themselves as great works of literature. The movies have also taken a big step forward, thanks to how Marvel and Disney have combined forces to give us a cinematic universe that has never been attempted before. I could have never imagined something like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man being as appealing (or even doable) twenty years ago when the most well known superhero movies were Superman and Batman. Both of these heroes are from Marvel’s biggest competitor, D.C. Comics.

D.C. has their own line up of superheroes including Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and the Green Lantern. Like the Avengers, they occasionally team up as the Justice League along with Superman and Batman. It’s clear that Warner Brothers, the owners of the film rights to D.C., really wants a similar cinematic universe like what Disney has done with Marvel. The one that started it was Man of Steel (which I still stand by as a good movie, though I would have given it a four rather then a five) that had fans polarized. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice takes a giant step so that Justice League can be next.

It has been two years since Metropolis was nearly destroyed in the fight Superman had with General Zod. It’s revealed that Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) was present at the event and witnesses a building of his collapse, resulting in the death of several employees of his. The rising death count makes Wayne out to believe that Superman does more damage then good. Meanwhile, Superman (played by Henry Cavill) has fallen into place as Clark Kent, working as a junior reporter for the Daily Planet, whose stories on the “Batman vigilante: in Gotham is harmful for the nearby city.

The two meet at a fundraiser hosted by Lex Luthor (played by Jessie Eisenberg) who also hates Superman and had been working with Senator Judy Finch (played by Holy Hunter) to help find remaining kryptonite from the crashed Krypton ships from the last movie. Batman and Alfred (played by Jeremy Irons) manage to retrieve some kryptonite to create weapons that could weaken Superman while Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams) starts to uncover information that Lex is using his funds to start a war between the two. Perhaps Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) can help out.

Where do I begin? Batman V Superman feels like five stories for other movies that are combined into an overlong, grim, and unfocused mess. Is it all bad? Not exactly, as I found Ben Affleck to be a very capable Batman who takes the cape back to the origins of the comic rather then the realistic tone that Nolan had done before. Jeremy Irons brings more assertiveness to Alfred that I would have liked out of Michael Caine. He just may be my favorite Alfred. I wouldn’t be surprised id director Zack Snyder wanted to make a standalone Batman movie, but was forced to pair him up with Superman.

Henry Cavill is a passable Superman, but we still have yet to get to know this guy along with Amy Adams whose charming, but some of her choices are questionable. Jessie Eisenberg was just awful as Lex Luthor. His psychological tics and odd way of talking make him so much of a psychopath that it’s hard to believe he could be a billionaire, business genius.

While the overall tone of this D.C. universe feels different from Marvel, it still feels too serious to be entertaining. I’m not even sure is Warner Brothers is taking in the factor that they need kids and families to make it a big sell and I think most children will find it too boring with the exception of the final battle. One the fights between batman and superman happen, it’s fun as is another fight that brings in Wonder Woman, but the rest of the story is so scattered an uninterested in itself, I find little to care about.


I’ll give this three rocks of kryptonite out of five. I would hate to think that this is what D.C. Comics thinks this needs to be done to separate itself from Marvel. I hope that the tone and get lighter and more focus can be placed on the relationship between the heroes. If not, then perhaps I’ll keep waiting for Captain America: Civil War rather then continue talking about Batman v Superman


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