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Bad Moms review

Posted by admin on August 2, 2016



Parents are never perfect. They are bound by nature to make mistakes. I can’t count how many times my parents would either not care that I had a big homework thing due in the morning, that I had an event in front of another, or that I even had the right meal for dinner. Even with that imperfection, I still believe that nothing is perfect and that I was raised well. What surprises me is that I used to think that moms had high standards when I was a kid. Judging my how my little cousins parents are, it turns out that I was a part of the Dark Age.

My aunt not only puts a lot of time in volunteering at her kids events, but will go out of the way to make sure that none of their food includes gluten, GTN, BTM, and what ever kids are not supposed to eat these days. I may be a parent, but I think it’s safe to say that I lived, and so did my parents and their parents. I understand to good intentions of books that want the best for the next generation, but common instinct has always been my driving force. That seems to be the case for Bad Moms.

Amy Mitchel (played by Mila Kunis) is a young mom of two pre-teens who tries her hardest to juggle being a top PTA mother, a part time executive for a boss younger then her, and a husband that’s more interested in being a third child then a caring spouse. After a very bad day that would cause most people to snap, she finally cannot take it anymore when PTA president Gwendolyn (played by Christina Applegate) calls in an emergency two hour meeting just to talk about how great of a leader she is.

Amy storms out of the PTA meeting, taking along fellow stressed out mother Kiki (played by Kristen Bell) to a bar where they find the more rebellious single mother Carla (played by Kathryn Hahn). Its there they all agree to simply stop trying their hardest and to simple enjoy their lives. For Amy, this means no more preparing all her kids meals, no more doing their homework, and especially no more following orders from the PTA. Gwendolyn sees this defy as a major threat and attempts to sabotage Amy’s children in school. In retaliation, Amy decides to run for PTA president to finally dethrone the perfect mother.

The marketing for Bad Moms have tried to play it off as a female The Hangover, though the story suggests this more as a parent version of Office Space. Both Office Space and Bad Moms have the similar theme of going against the social norms and the latter honestly does fine at it. The script does allow a lot of criticism for the current obsession for mothers that try too hard to follow the Martha Stewarts (who has a cameo in this) and the Pintrest copycats.

Our three stars have plenty of moments where they got a laugh out of me. Mila Kunis may seem like a young choice for a mother of two, but it is cleverly explained that she had to adapt young. So with a good setup and some funny actresses, where does this go wrong? Simply, a bunch of the jokes don’t fire. I always mention that comedies are hard to do as they require good scripts and the right performers to deliver them, and only half of the time did I chuckle. Bad Moms might be funnier if I had children, but I still feel like they could have gone darker with the material.


I’ll give this three Pintrest lists out of five. Bad Moms will probably find an easy audience with mothers who can relate to the problems they face. Maybe even some men as well. It simply just wasn’t for me. I can only say that for subjective reasons, you simply have to think Office Space and parenting and figure out if you’ll like this or not.


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