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Arthur Christmas

Posted by admin on December 16, 2012


If children should count on anything, they should think about Santa. This man has the ability to deliver gifts around the world in one night. There’s nothing more magical then for a child to wake up on Christmas morning to see if they got what they wanted. Given that there are almost a billion children, then Santas got a lot of work. So when a child asks “why can’t I see Santa’s workshop when I look on Google Earth?” that’s actually a good question. Along with “How can you deliver all of those presents?” and “How do you manage to travel so fast without letting the heat roast you?”, Santa still remains a good mystery.

The modern Santa Claus legend is finally reveled in Arthur Christmas. This movie came from the British animation studio of Aardman. Though unlike many of their other projects that have been clay animated, this is a computer-generated film. I don’t really care if its clay animated, CGI, or even stick figures; just as long as the story is entertaining. Luckily, this studio really cares about providing something that is not only contemporary, but also entertaining.

It’s 2012. Many children have more questions about Santa Claus. With more technology, it’s harder to tell a legend about a man in a flying sled. But it seems that that North Pole may be farther ahead technologically then we are. The gifts are now being delivered in a mile long spaceship with Santa (played by Jim Broadbent) leading his brigade of elves who use stealth tactics to make the distribution. Helping is the North Pole command center with Santa’s older son Steve (played by Hugh Laurie) taking lead. But every family has a black sheep, and his name is Arthur (played by James McAvoy) Since Santa’s starting to act slow and tired, Steve thinks that he’s next in line. It seems like the night has gone successful with every child with a gift, right?

Due to a technical glitch, one present remains undelivered; a new bicycle for a girl in England. Steve convinces his dad that the gift is an acceptable error that will be delivered in “the timeframe of Christmas”. Arthur really cares about the magic of Christmas and would do anything to make a child happy. His grandfather may have a solution. The Grand-Santa (played by Bill Nighy) always rambles about the good old days when he simply took about a sled with eight reindeer and went down the chimney. He introduces Arthur to that same sled and they ride into the morning sky as they race against time to deliver the last gift.

It’s been a year since this movie’s been released and nobody talks about it anymore. I don’t know why. Arthur Christmas has to be one of the most creative and modern interpretations of Santa Claus I’ve seen. Given the giant red spaceship, the huge army of elves, and Hoho smartphones, I think children would love seeing how everything is done.

The animation looks nothing like computer animation. The designs on all the characters look good, as if they were drawn first before they went into a computer. But even with all the impressive technical imagery, the story is top notch. The story about a dynasty of Santas and the family relationship between them makes good points about understanding and accepting everyone’s quirks and personalities. The race against time provides a more pressured goal for our characters and I was constantly chanting them to hurry before the sun comes up. But the film has plenty of slow moments to appreciate the atmosphere. It’s clear that the writers put all of their Christmas passion into this one story.


I’ll give this five Christmas spaceships out of five. Arthur Christmas needs to be a Christmas classic! It’s time to give this movie a watch, even if you’re not a believer in Santa. You may be surprised in how much this story will make you feel warm. 


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