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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Posted by admin on December 20, 2013


What counts as news brings in a lot of questions. Are you more interested in hearing about a set of puppies that just got adopted this Christmas or something about an economic summit that could steer the country away from another Government shutdown? My conscience tells me to listen to the more political story, but part of me is thinking “just how cute were those puppies?”. Now I don’t think that makes me an ignorant person, just a curious one. There are so many news outlets that we’ve come to listening a lot of them. Some are more serious, but a lot of them are human-interest stories. And those are the words of the day; human interest.

These are stories that are sought out, simply to acquire more readers or viewers. These kinds of journalists may care about their stories, but their not really reporting on anything. If they wanna tell people about some cute dogs, then good for them. Let them be marketing people for pet shops. But is it really worth it to sit down for thirty minutes to listen to a bunch of stories about celebrities going to the store or how rover caught a turtle crossing the street? A team of news anchors change how news is told (fictionally) in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Will Ferrell is back as Ron Burgundy. The original 2004 movie took the world by storm. This was the actors second big movie after Elf that really made him popular. Nearly ten years later, he has finally gone out for a second outing as the numbskull anchor. The rest of his crew is back as well; Paul Rudd as Brian the only true journalist of the gang, David Koechner as Champ the extreme right ring who finds anything different offensive, and Steve Carrel as Brick the weatherman.

It’s 1980 and Ron is a newscaster for the World Broadcast station. His wife Veronica (played by Christina Applegate) is also a newscaster who ends up getting a promotion while Ron gets fired. He finds himself family less and working as an announcer at Sea World. But a man comes to him with his idea of a twenty-four hour news station called GNN. Though he laughs at it, Ron finds that this is his only shot back for the stars. He gathers his fellow anchors and journeys to New York where they deal with an African-American boss, human-interest stories for ratings, and one mans fame eating his ego.

It may interest you all to know that I’ve never seen the first movie. I know it was popular, but I underestimated how big it was if it got a sequel like this. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues doesn’t really have a focused story, but plays out more like a series of gags along with Ron Burgundy’s point of view. You will not believe how many celebrates show up here (almost like The Expendables of comedies) to have fun with the news team. They seems like that their having fun. I did…for a while.

I guessing that the uneven tone is similar to the first, so my qualms won’t be for there. Will Ferrell is a funny actor as Ron Burgundy. He does manage hold on the whole movie. Under it is a equally funny satire about the news and what it has become. But then after a scene where his character goes blind, it goes on too long. Except for a bottle fed shark and a news anchor battle, it really ran out of gas.  I care little for the side charecters and a lot of the side stories (especially Ron being a bad father) are things we’ve seen Will Ferrel already do. I was expecting a lot more originality.

A clumbsy story aside, how are the gags? I laughed a lot of them. I haven’t even mentioned a Kristen Wiig Character who stole the show. But the more I think about the jokes, the less I remember at what I was laughing at. The best way to say this is that the movie feels like a series of Saturday Night Live sketches that got stringed together for Anchorman 2. That doesn’t make it a bad movie. But just an okay yet forgettable comedy.


I’ll give this three baby sharks out of five. I’m sure fans of the original will like this, but I can’t truly say. This will probably be the talk of high school and college quads once kids start reciting a lot of the characters. It just didn’t have too much of an impact that I was hoping for. 


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