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A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Posted by admin on December 18, 2012


Nothing brings friends closer together then Christmas. Being that this is that time of year is all about coming together, this is the chance to make thing right. Have you had friends you doubted because of their own lack of ability to relax? I have a great friend who graduated from college last year. The real world has gotten a hold of him. Because of the economy, he has had a hard time finding a job. He has told me this year that he hasn’t had time to get into the season because of his time spent of job hunting. I did my best to explain that he needs to stop worrying so much and take advantage of this magical time to relax. He needs his friends more then a job for support. I will always stick by him.

This holiday season will test the strength of two friends that have become a recent comedy duo; Harold and Kumar. After searching for White Castle and getting out of Guantanamo Bay, these two stoner pals are back for another night of mayhem in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. When it comes to this duo, they have been hit and miss. Does a Christmas round prove to be the light at the end of a dark joint?

It has been five years since the two have spoken to each other. Harold Lee (played by John Cho) is a successful businessman on Wall Street whose dealing with the Occupy protests while getting ready for his in-laws arrival. Kumar Patel (played by Kal Penn) is now living on his own, failing to become a doctor after failing a drug test. These guys now live in two worlds. It’s the magical Christmas Eve that may be the thing that will save their friendship.

Harold’s father in law, Mr. Perez (played by Danny Trejo) has entrusted him to decorate a prized Nobile Fir before the entire fiancé’s side returns from Midnight Mass. Kumar has received a mysterious paggage that’s addressed to Harold. He decides to pay a visit, only to discover that his friend doesn’t want any part of him back. A misfired joint from Kumar sends the tree up in flames. To prove Mr. Perez that he’s the perfect man for her daughter, Harold heads out with Kumar to find a replacement tree all before the nights end. They encounter a Russian mob boss out for their heads, a hallucinated drug sequence that temporarily turns the film into a Rankin-Bass cartoon, and even a return cameo from Neil Patrick Harris.

It’s clear that these two main actors wanted to return to these characters. It’s very likely that they are friends in real life. I see a lot of chemistry come between the two as they discuss their current situation while lighting up a joint or two. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is a very raunchy movie, but they not only make it work, but they also provide an interesting about friendship during the holidays.

As long as the raunchy material goes insane with the comedy, then that’s how I tell whether or not I’m going to like this. Some of the jokes fall flat, as the guys seem to have trouble finding humor out of the holiday. But the stuff that does work is how separated they’ve become and how the films goal is to get them back together. If they have to go on another adventure or encounter a very funny Neil Patrick Harris to do so, then so be it. Harold and Kumar need each other more then ever.


I’ll give this four marijuana wreaths out of five. Though I didn’t laugh as much as would have hoped, I can see a lot of effort put in here, not to mention that the story can even be a little sweet. 


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