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3 Days to Kill

Posted by admin on February 24, 2014


All right, time to bring up film director McG (yeah, he’s got a full name somewhere, but he’d rather be known as an abbreviation). He got work as a music video director before making his transition into film directing. He certainly has a style of making a lot of dark spy films like Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation and This Means War. Those that have seen these films also know that McG likes his visual imagery and technical stuff far more then the focus on his characters. I can tell that there is a good movie maker somewhere within these films, but a lot of them seem so chopped together, that you’d think that it was written over a weekend.

Now as I said, he seems to be really obsessed with spy thrillers. It feels like that his movies are pitches to let him shoot one of the James Bond films. Would I want that? Not unless he made a film that I enjoyed, and I can’t say that I found one. He needs to understand that character development is the most important element that makes for a good story. With a premise like 3 Days to Kill, it would sound like that he finally realized that…had it not been for what the rest of the movie has in store.

Ethan Renner (played by Kevin Costner) is an aging CIA agent who is suffering from some sort of sickness while on a mission to capture a terrorist code named “The Wolf”.  Ethan almost captures him only to collapse on the job. He awakens in a hospital to find out that he has some sort on terminal cancer that will kill him in a matter of months. Already in a bad relationship with his ex wife Christine and teen daughter Zoey (played by Haliee Steinfeld), he travels to Paris to finally spend some time with them.

Neither Vivi nor Zoey are excited to see this guy (it’s never known if they knew of his spy lifestyle) as he’s always been away. But he does his best to make connections as he’s dragged into one last mission from another CIA agent, Vivi Delay (played by Amber Heard) to capture another terrorist in exchange for a life saving drug. So with Christine going out of town, Ethan has to juggle spending time with his daughter while keeping up with his spy work.

The movie has certainly got a working story. But the execution is just awkward. This is another film that tries combining a dark spy thriller with comedic situations. I’m serious; Kevin Costner is trying to play up some scenes for laughs. I guess no one told him that he’s not that right kind of actor for comedy. I guess I can’t blame him too much as even an actor like Daniel Day Lewis nor Liam Neeson couldn’t have brought anything better into the mix. Costner is put into a lot of scenes that seems more sick then funny (there’s a scene in which he’s torturing an Italian guy for information as he also makes him tell a tomato sauce recipe to his daughter over the phone).

This movie is trying to do for Kevin Costner what Taken did for Liam Neeson; make him a still prominent action star. But I can’t support this story is the actor doesn’t seem that invested. Like a lot of his other performances, Costner dishes out another bland role, proving why he never made the action ranks back in the 1990’s and never will. A guy like him is better suited for side roles, but certainly not the main star.


I’ll give this two life saving drugs out of five. If an actor and it’s story doesn’t ever get excited for it’s premise, then why should I? 3 Days to Kill is simply boring and trying to get itself over as fast as possible.