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21 Jump Street

Posted by admin on March 17, 2012


For some kids, high school can be a challenge. There are bad teachers, bullies, peer pressure, and the fact most of them are seen as daily prisons. But for other teenagers, this is the only time of life that’s important. They have friends, popularity, and a last chance of innocence before responsibly consumes them. Could two people from each side become friends? It’s possible, as seen in the latest of television adaptations, 21 Jump Street. Though I haven’t seen the original series, it apparently focused the same idea this movie has. Only it was taken seriously. The movie is now a comedy.

I have a feeling that some fans were outraged when they discovered this. As someone who has never seen the show, I have no opinion. But this movie works damn well as a comedy. 21 Jump Street shows us a story that’s not just about going back to High School. It’s about second chances.

Scemidt and Jenko (played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum) have known each other since real high school. Jenko was a jock and Scemidt was a nerd. They had different cliques, but they both share the same failure in Prom. They missed out the biggest social event of their adolescent years. Seven years later, they meet up in the police academy where they help each other out. Sooner then you can say revival; they are transferred to their new unit. Because of their youthful appearance, they are sent back into high school as undercover students.

I think this is every young adults dream, even if they hated high school. This is their chance to reclaim the time of being a stupid kid. And these guys define the perfect stupid kid as acted by a young adult. The story turns the tables on the characters when they forget each other’s false identities. So the jock becomes a nerd and the nerd becomes a jock. Their gonna get a taste of each other’s world. Now these guys are going to understand that High school is not as easy as they though. Seven years can change in teen years. That’s what makes the comedy work.

High school movies always cast people that are too old and both leads are way too old. While that audience sees them as adults, the world of 21 Jump Street buys it. We get drug addicts, student-teacher relationships, technology usage, and of course, A production of Peter-Pan with Jonah Hill as Peter. That scene brings laughter from disaster. If you’re looking for a new great comedy, this is it.

21 Jump Street is up there with Starsky and Hutch. It’s another great example of a dramatic television series becoming a great comedy. 


I'll give this 5 prom limos out of 5. You don't need to have seen the show, but a suprise apperence will make you want to. 21 Jump Street should be visited by anyone looking to return to high school.